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Welcome to Hacker Dojo Wiki!

This is the Hacker Dojo wiki and knowledge base. This wiki is public and mostly dedicated to members. Everything you need to know about Hacker Dojo should be in this wiki. If you feel that some information is missing, feel free to create an account and add the missing content.

To create an account please send an email to our management team

Visitors Guide

N00Bs Welcome!

About the Hacker Dojo

The Hacker Dojo is a community of engineers, artists, scientists, activists, entrepreneurs and other creative people centered around a co-working and social facility. Feel free to drop by and see for yourself what the Dojo is all about.

Founding Members

These are the special people who contributed to help build this organization.


Governing principles and guidelines for the organization

Hacker Dojo Membership

We're a non-profit, and without the support of our members, we would cease to exist! We currently have three levels of membership which you can sign up for on our website. Our regular membership is just $150 a month for unlimited access to the space.

Hacker Dojo Policies

When you become a member at Hacker Dojo you agree to follow a couple of simple rules.

Hacker Dojo Visitors

Visitors are always welcome to stop by and see the Dojo. We do encourage you to sign up as a member if you find yourself here more than once.


For our members' safety, the space is monitored 24/7.

Work Space

Most of the Hacker Dojo consists of an open workspace. It is based on a first-come, first-serve policy. Meaning, if you find an open seat, it is free for you to sit in. Guests and members are allowed to sit in the Main Space, Event Room and Classroom. We encourage members to try sitting in different areas throughout the Dojo, so they can meet and interact with other members or visitors. And we highly discourage members from "squatting" or "setting up shop" in one area.

If you find the need for a designated space, sign up for a Hive membership. You will receive a dedicated desk and a room restricted with access control, so it is safe to leave your items overnight.

Kitchen/Break Room

This is a shared space. No one likes a filthy kitchen. Clean up after yourself. When you get a cup of coffee, look to see if there are drips all over the counter; if so, get a paper towel and wipe it up. Please be mindful of other food and snacks in the area. If their name is on it, please do not help yourself. Most of the snacks are communal but please understand sharing means contributing as well. If you take snacks or drinks, next time, bring some to share with the community. This is not an open food kitchen.

Maker labs

We have two labs in the space; Laser Room and Electronics Lab. The maker space labs have some serious tools in them. Tools that can cut, drill, chop, mill, etc. You should never use the maker space if you are the only person in the building. Doing so is dangerous because if you have an accident there is no one else available to call for help.

Wifi & Network

Hacker Dojo is wifi only. No wired access.

We monitor the network and if you connect to one of the wifi networks at Hacker dojo you must agree to our Network policies Peer-2-peer traffic on illegal and copyrighted content will result in a cancellation of membership.

We have 3 wifi networks.

Hacker Dojo Free

This wifi is for guests. It is open. Everybody can access it and can use it. The internet speed here is 5/mbps. On par with your local coffee shop for email checking

Hacker Dojo

This wifi is for members and for Day Pass users. You need an active Hacker Dojo account to use it. It is 1 Gig symmetrical Once you sign up, you will receive a welcome email with a personal pin code. You will use this when connecting. Enter your email and pin code one time and the network will remember your device.


This wifi is dedicated to Event attendees. If you come to the dojo to attend an event and need internet access, please ask your event organizer to give you the wifi access code. When your device is on the network you should see a splash page. enter the wifi event password on this page and should be able to get internet access for the duration of the event. if the splash page does not appear please see our page about
How to troubleshoot wifi issues


This section is dedicated to members, volunteers, and guests looking to engage the community through shared interest, open source projects, and collaboration.

Here is our Github
We have a couple of open source projects on there as well as member-supported stuff.


Branding guidelines and logos


Members are able to host events for free.

Most events are free unless it is a private event or otherwise posted.

Please check out our events section for more info.

Hacker Dojo was created out of Bay Area's Original Hackathon, Super Happy Dev House.

This is a documentary short created to tell the story.

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