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Hello! Thanks for checking out Hacker Dojo.

We're usually open M-F 10:00am - 9:00pm for visitors, though you may want to check the Home Page to see if anyone has signed in as staff to give you a tour. A donation of $10 is appreciated. As soon as you sign up as a member you'll get your own key, and you can use the Dojo 24/7.

What to Do as a Visitor

Sign In

First off, sign in. We won't spam you with thousands of emails, it just helps us keep track of how many visitors are coming to the Dojo. When you enter the front door, there is a small laptop on the desk, and you just have to type in your email address.

Grab a Seat

The main space, event space and classroom all have open seating. So if you find a spot that looks empty, it's there for you! A lot of people will be working or hacking on their laptops around you. Some will be focused, but others are always open for a chat! A good technique is to walk around, introduce yourself by name, and ask, "What are you working on?" Or hang out in the kitchen and grab a cup of coffee or tea.

Connect to Wifi

Hacker Dojo is wifi only, and we do monitor the network. If you plan on using one of our networks, you must agree to our Hacker Dojo Policies.

Connect to HD-Guest. This is our guest wifi and open. Everybody can access it and can login on it. After you login, your device will be allowed one day of wifi usage per 7 days. After one day of use, the internet will be shut down until the next week.

Attend an Event

The Dojo has a lot of classes and events that are good ice-breakers. On Fridays after work, you're likely to find us mixing drinks and socializing at our Happy Hour Lightning Talks.

When to Visit

Evenings, around 7PM, is usually our peak time, in terms of numbers of people. We have many events listed on our events page. If you'd prefer a quieter environment, come earlier in the day. Weekends vary greatly, if the weather is nice in Santa Clara (...often!) the place might be empty on a Saturday. Or, there could be a mega-event with 150+ people. Check the events schedule!