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Hello! Thanks for checking out Hacker Dojo.

We welcome visitors every day!

We're usually open 7 days a week 10am to 9pm. A donation of $10 is appreciated. We are welcome to enjoy the free wifi for guests. If you'd like access to faster 1 gig internet, we have $20 day passes available on the home page. Day passes do not include hosting event and lab access. As soon as you sign up as a member you'll be provided access control to the space, and you can use the Dojo 24/7.

What the Dojo's like

The space is about half desks and workbenches, and half social space with couches and chairs for hanging out. We have a break room with some fairly intense coffee enthusiasts who like to roast their own coffee, and an electronics lab stocked with goodies, scopes, power supplies, and a 100w Co2 LaserCutter.

Every day is a little different at Hacker Dojo, so your visit may or may not reflect a typical visit. Come a few times, join as a member, and help us shape our organization!

Virtual Tour We have 3 telepresence robots (Thanks to the cool awesome folks at - Mo, Larry and Curly

You are welcome to call into any of the robots if they are charged up and available. Once in you can roam around the dojo and talk to members and guests

Please be mindful that a robot on the charging port will need to back away from the port. You will see the port on the floor facing the camera. The policies apply to the bots as well

Be Excellent to each other!

Mo Bot

Larry Bot

Curly Bot

When to visit

Afternoons and evenings, around 3PM, is usually our peak time, in terms of numbers of people. We have many events listed at . If you'd prefer a quieter environment, come earlier in the day. Weekends vary greatly. If the weather is nice in Mountain View (...often!) the place might be empty on a Saturday. Or, there could be a mega-event with 150+ people. Check the events schedule!

What to do

A lot of people hack on their laptops. Some people are focused in their work, and a lot of people welcome discussion! A good technique is to walk around, introduce yourself by name, and ask "What are you working on?" Feel free to make yourself at home. Use the kitchen, use the electronics lab, talk to people and enjoy.

Hacker Dojo has lots of classes and events that are good ice-breakers. On Friday after work you're quite likely to find us mixing drinks and socializing.