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Hacker Dojo Policies

Please review the Hacker Dojo Events Policies before submitting and completing an event.

Before the Event

Communication to attendees

  • Event organizers should communicate these points to attendees
  • How to come to Hacker Dojo
  • How to enter Hacker Dojo
  • Where to park near Hacker Dojo
  • Where the bathrooms are
  • How to connect to HD-Events/HD-Guest wifi if needed

Social Sharing

Please don’t forget to mention Hacker Dojo when you are sharing, talking about your event on Social networks. Twitter: @HackerDojo, Facebook: , Instagram:


  • You can get 1 hour set up time at max. If you need a large chunk of setup time, it is suggested that you create a separate event to do so.
  • It is up to you to locate the location of projectors or other supplies you may need to run your event.
  • If you want the room arranged in a specific way that is something you need to do yourself.
  • Setup time is shared with tear down time of the previous event held in the same room.

During the Event

  • Presence. Event Organizer must be present during the entire event.
  • Parking. We have strict parking rules that you need to convey to your guests. You and your attendees are only allowed to park in the green zones

If your event is large enough you may need your own staff member to direct parking.

  • Sign-In. All event attendees are required to sign in at the front desk for liability reasons.
  • Advertise/Promote Hacker Dojo. Please encourage your attendees to give donations/ become a member.

After the Event

  • Teardown Time. You can have 1 hour tear down time at maximum. This time is shared with the setup time of the next event.

If you need a large chunk of tear down time, it is suggested that you create a separate event to do so.

  • Room Layout. The rooms must be returned like described on the sign outside each room. It includes returning the room with the correct number of chairs and desks and the correct layout. Please make sure that the included equipments are returned. Event organizer will be held responsible if the room is found in a different state.
  • Cleanup and Trash. You must leave Hacker Dojo in the condition you found it in. This includes hauling away excess garbage that does not fit in the dumpster. CIWA ((408) 261-4110) is our trash hauler. Event organizer will be held responsible if trash is found and will have to pay for the hauling.
  • Damages. Event organizer is held responsible for any damages to Dojo facilities during your event.
  • Supplies. Please refill supplies consumed in the kitchen, especially if yours is a large event as your guests will be using shared resources such as bowls, cups, glasses and more.
  • Equipment. Please make sure to switch off projector and others electric equipments before leaving the room.

Policy Process

  • No Reimbursements. Hacker Dojo does not reimburse members for purchases without prior approval by directors.
  • Do-ocracy. If you have a change you want to see happen, lead the way. If you want a knitting circle, start one. If you want a book circle, lead one. If you want to build a winning robot, start designing.
  • New Policies. Members are welcome to give staff suggestions and feedback on policy.
  • Board of Directors Discretion. Board of Directors have discretionary review for all policies, and may change policies at will. For example, board of directors may override rules incompatible with state laws, our lease, or incompatible with Hacker Dojo's vision.