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The maker space at the dojo has several machines for your use. If you are unfamiliar with a particular machine or tool, or if you are not clear on how to use that machine or tool safely - then do not use it.


  • Never wear gloves when operating the saw or a device with a rotating cutting tool. The glove could get caught in the device and cause an unbelievably horrible accident in a split second. Seriously, gloves give you a false sense of security and actually make you less safe. Accidents with gloves happen regularly and are horrible.
  • Always wear safety glasses when any cutting tool is in use near you. Remember that you are at risk not only from what you are doing, but from what the person next to you is doing.
  • Do not talk to someone who is operating a power tool. Your conversation might distract them, causing an accident.
  • If you feel another user is being unsafe then you must tell them to stop. We are a self policing community and we all need to take responsibility for safety.