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Membership Costs

We have three membership levels.

  • Standard - $150/Month
  • The Hive - $375/Month
  • Annual - $1350/Year

Membership Benefits

The Hacker Dojo is a place where you can work and sometimes play, away from the distractions of home or the office. A place where you can collaborate with others, and focus on what is important. Unlike a coffee shop, at the Dojo you can, and are expected to interact with other people at the Dojo.

To fully utilize the Hacker Dojo, you should be aware of all the benefits of membership.

List of Benefits

  • Space: Public desks for you and your invited guests
  • Time: Open 24 hours per day. Early birds & Night owls are welcome.
  • Electronics Lab: Well-equipped electronics lab, for the 'Maker' in you.
  • Makerspace: Prototype and utilize the tools and machines after taking and passing our classes.
  • Internet access: Wireless internet
  • Power: Plug in your laptop, or devices anywhere in the Dojo.
  • Kitchen: Free coffee, Tea, Water and sometimes beer
  • Events: Attend any event free of charge.
  • Events: Create an event and invite whomever you wish, no charge
  • Meetings: Reserve a private room for meetings
  • Classes: Attend and participate in classes, no charge
  • Social: Technical Social Collaboration. Talk, meet and learn from other members about technical subjects.
  • Fun: Ping-pong tournaments and hang out with other members
  • Jobs: Plenty of startups looking for employees on our Jobs board. Be the first to score a job from the Dojo.

Refund Policy & Holds

If you would like to put your membership on hold or cancel it, you can log into dashboard.hackerdojo.com and click on the my billing tab to edit membership. The Dojo does not refund membership dues. Since we have monthly rather than annual dues, a member should be able to cancel their membership in time before their next charge.